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Friends, on this tour you will get to know the culture of Bali. Ubud is famous for its artists and artisans. As well as spiritual healers, teachers of yoga, meditation. Therefore, in order to get acquainted with the national characteristics of the inhabitants of the island, you should go to the city of Ubud.

We invite you on this journey with an English-speaking driver who will tell you a lot of interesting things in a language you understand. He will also take a photo on your phone or camera.

In addition to national dances, visual arts and the monkey forest, this tour offers a visit to the royal palace, waterfall and rice terraces.

Rice terraces in Ubud
Rice terraces in Ubud
Departure for the tour at 8:30. Return home at 19:00.

Excursion program Art Ubud

Barong and keris dance (authentic Balinese dances)

We attend an event during which we are imbued with the national characteristics of local residents. We watch how they dance and in the dance reflect their understanding of the world order, gods, spirits.

Balinese national dance
Balinese dances (Click to open larger)
Ticket price IDR 150 thousand per person.

Ubud art and culture villages

The widest selection of works by local wood carvers. These are figurines and huge statues and figurines of people, animals and mythical (or not?) Creatures.

woodcarving in nude style
Erotica (Click to open larger)
Click on the picture to view it in a larger size:


The entrance is free.

Ubud sacred monkey forest sanctuary

A large and well-known monkey forest far beyond Ubud. In which you can see these interesting animals. But take care of your glasses, phones and other small and medium personal items!

Also, do not take handbags, chains, hats and jewelry with you. If a monkey jumps on you, don’t panic and don’t throw it off you. It is better to ask a local worker to help in such a situation.

Click on the picture to view it in a larger size:

Ticket price IDR 50 thousand per person.

Ubud royal palace and art market

Enjoy the authenticity of the palace while looking at and photographing the unusual architecture and scary but cute deities made of stone. You can also buy unusual filigree jewelry here. Which reflect the culture and traditions of the ancient inhabitants of Bali.

Народные ремёсла Убуда
Folk crafts at the artists’ market (Click to open larger)
The entrance is free.

Tegallalang rice terraces and big swing

The Balinese have been growing rice since ancient times. It is one of the main food sources. The cultivation culture is very interesting. The terraced fields are very picturesque. And the irrigation system is unique in its own way.

Ticket price IDR 30 thousand per person.

Tegenungan natural waterfall

Girl on the background of the Tegenungan waterfall
Tegenungan Waterfall (Click to open larger)
Ticket price IDR 30 thousand per person.

Ubud Day Tour Details

Departure in the morning at 08:30, return at 19:00.

The cost of participation in this tour: IDR 700 thousand for two people. Each next passenger – plus 200k. rupees. The car is designed for four passengers, but five of them are also quite comfortable in it.

The cost of tickets for each location is indicated separately in the corresponding paragraph and it is paid by travelers themselves. Lunch is also NOT included in the price of the tour, the best place for a lunch break is the rice terraces of Tegallalang.

Transfer there and back. If the participants of the rally wish, they can go to the Batur volcano at the time allotted for the excursion. Your English-speaking driver knows beautiful viewpoints with great views!

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