Balangan Beach on Bukit Peninsula, Bali


Hello everyone, look at the review of Balangan Beach, which is located on the west coast of the Bukit Peninsula. For an interactive map of the location of this beach, see below in this article.

Where is Balangan beach on the map of Bali

When you ride your bike down to the sea, you find yourself in the backyard of small wooden cafes. Everyone just parks their bikes on the grass.

Everyone parks their bikes just on the grass

Cafes and clubs on Balangan beach

The cafes are built on stilts. Here you can have a snack or a cup of coffee. This is a view of the cafe from the sea:

Cafes installed on stilts

This is from the parking lot:

That is, these are warungs, not European cafes

That is, as the name suggests, this is a warung – a local establishment, and not a European-style cafe.

Someone pulled a hammock:

Someone pulled a hammock

There is a more permanent structure on the left side of the beach. This is MAZU Beach Club. There is a swimming pool, relaxation areas and pretty good cuisine. Monkeys also like MAZU Beach Club.

This is MAZU Beach Club

Waves, sand and rocks

The waves at Balangan Beach were small compared to the beaches in Canggu or Kuta. But surfers ride great on these waves too.

The waves at Balangan Beach were small compared to the beaches in Canggu or Kuta

On the right side of Balangan beach there are picturesque rocks of volcanic origin, near which almost all visitors to Balangan arrange photo sessions.

picturesque rocks of volcanic origin

Sun beds and prices

Renting a sun lounger costs 50,000 rupees on this beach, and a cold coconut costs 25,000 rupees.

Sunbed rental on this beach costs 50,000 rupees

If you want to visit this beach or any other on the island of Bali, go fishing, climb the Agung or Batur volcanoes, see the most beautiful waterfalls, please call the phone number listed in the header of the site.

Rocky bottom at low tide

The low tide at Balangan Beach in the evening shows that the bottom, which was hidden by the sea during the day, turns out to be rocky. It turns out that a significant part of the beach at the very edge of the water is covered with a good, thick layer of sand. While the bottom 20-30 meters from the water’s edge turns out to be rocky.

the bottom is rocky


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