Tour of the highlands of Bedugul in Bali

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Bali is of volcanic origin. Its central and northern parts are mountainous. Here, in comparison with the coast, the climate is slightly different: the average daily temperature is lower, more often fogs, tropical forests almost untouched by man.

What does the tour to Bedugul consist of

Friends, we invite you on a trip to the Bali highlands. Where you will see magnificent natural monuments and artificial places of worship. Among which are the twin falls of Banyumala, the hill of Wanagiri. As well as the cult gate Bali handara, an amazing temple on the lake Ulun danu beratan and much more. You are provided with a good mood and a lot of impressions that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Double natural waterfall Banyumala

A high waterfall with two streams falling from the height of a multi-storey building. Here you can take wonderful photos for memory.

Two streams of water at the Banyumala waterfall

Entrance ticket IDR 30 thousand per person.

Wanagiri hill and twin lakes.

Picturesque places, lakes with water as clear as a baby’s tear. Two lakes, about two hundred years ago, due to a major earthquake, separated from one. Their names are Tamblingan and Buyan. There are very beautiful places for your photos! Lookouts can be found on the map by their names: Wisata Danau Buyan, Swing over twin lakes, Twin Lake Wanagiri Spot. We will gladly accompany you to them.

Lake Buyan

Entrance ticket IDR 30 thousand per person.

Cult gate Bali handara

The most frequent thing that our Bali travelers do in this place (Bali handara iconic gate) is to take pictures at this gate. For some reason, the Balinese gates attract everyone with their ability to capture themselves against their background in various poses.

Entrance ticket IDR 30 thousand per person.

temple on the lake Ulun danu beratan

Large temple on Lake Beretan. The lake itself is the largest source of fresh water on the island of Bali. The temple is designed to protect Lake Beratan from evil spirits. You have probably seen photos from this place, they are the most common on the net. Now you have the opportunity to take a photo of yourself and your loved ones in this wonderful place.

Temple on Lake Beratan

Entrance ticket IDR 50 thousand per person.

Bali coffee plantation

Coffee tasting is held and you have the opportunity to purchase your favorite taste. There is no entry ticket.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Sangeh

A protected forest of largely artificially planted nutmeg trees inhabited by macaques. The monkeys are more friendly than in the monkey forest in Ubud, as there are far fewer visitors and they feel more comfortable. The name of the forest comes from the village located next to it. And the place itself is located somewhat north of the capital of Bali, the city of Denpasar. In the middle of the forest stands the majestic Hindu temple Pura Pucak Bukit Sari. The main attraction of which is a large, ancient statue of Garuda.

ancient statue of Garuda.

Free admission.

General information about the trip to Bedugul

We leave at approximately 07:30 am and return at approximately 19:00.

The cost of participation in this tour:

2 people: IDR 1 million

3 people: IDR 1.2 million

4 people: IDR 1.4 million

5 people: IDR 1.6 million

That is, starting from the third participant of the tour, each next passenger – plus 200k rupees.

The car is designed for four passengers. The cost of tickets for each location, as well as the cost of lunch, are indicated separately in the corresponding paragraph and are paid by travelers themselves. The best place for a lunch break is in a cafe near Bali handara, there is a buffet for IDR 100 thousand per person.

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