Food in Bali: Warung “Bule and Susy”


Hello, friends. Today we will talk about food in Bali. As an example, we will show you a warung called Bule and Susy.

Location of “Bule and Susy” warung

Warung Bule and Susy

This warung is located close to Nusa Dua beach. You can see its exact location on a Google map or follow the link under the video about this warung on our YouTube channel.

And these lions guarding the entrance to one of the many local temples, which is located directly across the road from Bule and Susy, can become a guide for you.

Lions at the entrance to the temple


Warung is bright and clean, its walls are decorated with paintings, and children’s voices can be heard from the backyard. The establishment has several tables inside and two tables outside – to the right and left of the entrance.

Table outside the warung

The menu here is varied and can give odds to some large cafes. You can see the prices below in the text of this article. It is also convenient to use a QR code that leads directly to the price table (the QR code is located at the bottom of the article).

At different times we tried different dishes:

A fresh vegetable salad


The tastiest thing about it is the avocado.

Chicken soup

chiken soup

There are a lot of greens in the soup. The soup is rich, made from real chicken broth.

Fish head soup

head fish soup

Fish head from some white fish.

Red rice with seafood

red rice

Red rice with greens, shrimp, squid and sea bass fillet.

Rice with vegetables

Rice and vegetables

The most delicious vegetables attached to this rice are eggplants.

Chicken in sweet and sour sauce

Sweet and sour

All meals are prepared from fresh ingredients and served piping hot. Everything is very appetizing and tasty. Would like to come here again to try other food and drinks.

Interview with the owner of the establishment

The owner of the establishment gave us a short interview, which we are happy to show you. This is not even an interview, but a small commentary and an invitation to visit.

Bule & Susy menu (QR code)

Name Photo Price, IDR
Soups and snacks
Spring rolls Spring rolls 30 000
Beef soup Beef soup 40 000
Chiken soup Chiken soup 30 000
Fish head soup Fish head soup 50 000
Seafood soup Seafood soup 80 000
Laksa Laksa 100 000
Fillet of fish soup Fillet of fish soup 80 000
Fried banana dessert Fried banana dessert 30 000
Mix rice Mix rice 30-50k
Main menu
Fried rice Fried rice 30-45k
Fried red rice Fried red rice 40-50k
Mix rice Mix with rice 50 000
Fried chicken Fried chicken 35 000
Grilled chicken Grilled chicken 35 000
Chicken in sweet and sour sauce Chicken in sweet and sour sauce 80 000
Fried noodles fried noodles 35 000
Satay satay 60 000
Morning glory stir fry Morning glory stir fry 30 000
Fried vegetables fried vegetables 30 000
Garden salad Garden salad 35 000
Crispy tofu Crispy tofu 35 000
Chicken kebab Chicken kebab 120 000
Beef kebab Beef skewers 140 000
Grilled squid Grilled squid 190 000
Chili crabs Crab with hot pepper 180 000
Crispy chicken crispy chicken 110 000
Curry chicken Curry chicken 65 000
Tuna steak tuna steak 100 000
White rice White rice 8 000
Red rice Red rice 12 000
Curry red snapper Red snapper with curry sauce 150-250k
Grilled fish fillet Grilled fish fillet 150 000
Grilled fish (usually sea bass) Grilled fish (usually sea bass) 150-250k
Steamed fish (usually sea bass) Steamed fish (usually sea bass) 200 000
Grilled prawns Grilled shrimp 200 000
Drinks menu
Hot drinks
Balinese coffee 10 000
Herbal coffee 20 000
White coffee 10 000
Ginger coffee 15 000
Extra boost
Jamu 15 000
Chlorophyll 15 000
Cold drinks
Coca-cola, sprite, fanta 15 000
Aqua 7 000
Orange juice 15 000
Green tea 15 000
Iced coffee 15 000
Cokez 20 000
Tonic water 15 000
Ice tea 10 000
Soda 15 000
Fresh juices
Avocado juice 25 000
Soursop juice 25 000
Mango juice 30 000
Guava juice 25 000
Papaya juice 20 000
Passion fruit juice 25 000
Banana juice 25 000
Strawberry juice 25 000
Dragon juice 25 000
Pineapple juice 25 000
Mix juice 30 000
Whole coconut 25 000
Pear juice 25 000
Watermelon juice 20 000
Star fruit 25 000
Alcoholic drinks
Beer, small (Prost, Dali Hai, Singaraja) 32 000
Beer, large (Prost, Dali Hai, Singaraja) 45 000
Diablo 45 000
Smirnoff 40 000
Lemon beer 45 000
Balinese cocktails
Arak attack 40 000
Artic 40 000
Red wine 50 000
White wine 50 000

You can share this menu with your friends using the QR code:


If you need a taxi to go on a tour of Bali and maybe have lunch in this warung, please contact the phone number indicated on the site (for example, in the header), everything will be quickly and efficiently organized. Bon appetit and welcome to Bali.

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