Where to have a cup of coffee in Bali, eat a delicious croissant


There are several establishments in Bali that have the words “Bali Coffee Club” in their names. We visited what is located in Seminyak near the intersection of Sunset Road and Raya Kerobokan.

Cafe facade Bali Coffee Club

Facade and interior Bali coffee club

The facade of the cafe and the interior inside are in European style. Parking allows you to park not only on bikes, but also on cars. You can drink coffee outside, at the tables in a specially equipped place to the left of the entrance. Likewise in an air-conditioned room.

interior caffee

The menu has several options for making coffee, smoothies and juices, as well as pastries. You can view some pages of this menu by clicking on the pictures below.

Buy Balinese coffee

Coffee grown on local Balinese plantations you can buy right here in such a nice package.

Balinese coffee for sale

Our delicious breakfast

The staff is very friendly and professional. The coffee was prepared quickly and was delicious. Croissants arrived much later, as they were baked personally for us. They were so delicious that they were eaten before the thought of photographing them arose.

cappuccino Bali coffee club

What does Bali coffee club kitchen look like?

Delicious croissants (which we forgot to take a picture of) are baked in this oven in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Bali coffee club kitchen

Self-presentation of an employee named Evan

And here is a self-presentation from a guy who knows how to make very tasty coffee and, apparently, a very kind and hospitable fellow. You can find a link to the location of this cafe on Google maps in the description under the video.

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