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The Kintamani caldera is a huge, several kilometers wide pit that appeared after the explosion of the Batur volcano many thousands of years ago. It turns out such a huge bowl, along the edges of which, on the hills, very beautiful views of the volcano itself and the surrounding landscape open up.

What does this tour consist of

As part of this tour, we just visit these beautiful viewpoints, enjoy the beauty of the opening and take photos as a keepsake. Well, we capture other interesting places along the way – see their entire list of attractions nearby and on the way to the Kintomani caldera below.

Goa gajah temple and elephant cave

A very interesting cave for its uniqueness, which you can see in all its details. Find out why this cave is called elephant cave!

elephant cave

Ticket price IDR 35 thousand per person.

Tirta empul temple (holy spring water)

You can perform ritual washing with spring water in this beautiful place.

Holy water in Bali

Ticket price IDR 40 thousand per person.

Bali coffee plantation

How is Balinese coffee grown? What are the procedures for its processing and giving the final product a magnificent look and quality. Delicious and fragrant coffee for you in this location! Free tasting and good mood are provided to you.

And this is the same magician that makes Balinese coffee especially delicious:

Кофейный гений

Visiting the coffee plantation is free.

Views of Batur volcano and Kintomani caldera

Many years ago, Batur volcano was huge. Incommensurably larger than the current volcano. Now Batur is the remains of that huge, ancient volcano. Which exploded and a caldera formed in its place – a large rounded space with reservoirs, picturesque slopes and gorgeous views. You will visit observation decks from which you can enjoy beautiful views.

kaldera kintomani

These platforms are located along the edges of this huge “bowl”, the views from them are magnificent.

Ticket price IDR 25 thousand per person.

Time for lunch

It is best to have a delicious lunch with views of the Batur volcano and the Kintomani caldera. That is, in the locations indicated in the previous paragraph.

Buffet. The cost of lunch is IDR 100 thousand per person.

Penglipuran Bali traditional village

You will visit a local Balinese village where you will get acquainted with the ancient customs and traditions of the locals. And you can also buy the results of their work: jewelry – rings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets of interesting designer types; textiles with national motifs; pictures of local representatives of art art.

Balinese silver jewelry:

Balinese silver jewelry


balinese art


Balinese woman at work

A visit to the traditional Balinese village Penglipuran is free.

General information about the trip to Kintomani

We leave at 08:00 in the morning, return approximately at 19:00.

The cost of participation in this tour: IDR 700 thousand for two people.

Each next participant – plus 200k rupees. The car can comfortably accommodate 5 people.

The car is designed for four passengers. The cost of tickets for each location, as well as the cost of lunch, are indicated separately in the corresponding paragraph and are paid by travelers themselves. The best place for a lunch break is the views of the Kintomani caldera.

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