Nusa Penida Island – One Day Tour

Tours and excursions

We invite you on a tour to the island of Nusa Penida. Snorkeling for fish and giant rays (manta rays). In addition, we visit very cool locations by land – several beaches with super-views. We leave for the trip early – at 6:15 in the morning, the return is planned at 16:00. Transfer by car and boat. On the island we organize:

  • excursions by car (no more than 4 people in one car);
  • snorkeling (mask, snorkel and fins provided).

The trip itself involves several options for routes:

  1. tour along the western coast of the island;
  2. east coast tour;
  3. a combined tour that combines the best places in the east and west of Nusa Penida;
  4. full package. The best places on the island for snorkeling, enjoyment and beautiful photos.

A group tour involves the delivery of tourists to Nusa Penida on these boats:

Exploring the West Coast of Nusa Penida

List of places to visit:

  • Kelingking Beach;
  • Broken Beach;
  • Angel’s Billabong;
  • Crystal Bay Beach.

Nusa Penida West Coast tour costs IDR 1 million per person.

Exploring the East Coast of Nusa Penida

For excursions along the east coast, we offer the following locations:

  • Diamond Beach;
  • Atuh Beach;
  • treehouse;
  • MolentengView.

Nusa Penida East Coast tour costs IDR 1.2 million per person.

Nusa Penida Island - One Day Tour

Combined tour East plus West

On this journey, you will see a selection of the best places from the east and west coasts:

  • Diamond & Atuh Beach;
  • Tree House & Molenteng;
  • Kelingking Beach;
  • Broken Beach;
  • Angel’s Billabong.

The cost of the combined tour “Nusa Penida = East + West” is IDR 1.5 million for two people.

Full package

An ideal option with the best snorkeling spots and tourist attractions!

A snorkeling boat might look like this:

Or like this:

Snorkeling in these locations:

  • Manta Bay;
  • Gamat Bay;
  • Crystal Bay / Wall Point.

tourist locations with ideal conditions for relaxation, enjoyment and beautiful photos:

  • Kelingking Beach;
  • Broken Beach;
  • Angel’s Billabong.

The cost of the full package for the above locations is IDR 1.5 million for two people.


What is included in the day trip to Nusa Penida

Friends, we try to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Now the package of the route to the island and rest on it includes the following services:

  • meeting near the hotel and drop-off at the same place upon return;
  • refundable speedboat tickets;
  • private tour of Nusa Penida with English speaking driver;
  • all expenses, fees during this excursion tour;
  • local boat and snorkeling equipment for the snorkeling tour;
  • Indonesian cuisine lunch;
  • insurance;
  • Parking Fee;
  • mineral water.

Sign up for this one-day trip through WhatsApp. Have a nice holiday!

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