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Friends, we are pleased to invite you on a tour of Uluwat! This is the southwestern and central part of the Bukit peninsula. Which, in turn, is the southern part of Bali. During the day you will have a great opportunity to:

  • engage in water sports;
  • visit the Garuda Vishnu cultural park with monumental structures visible far beyond the park itself;
  • tasty and satisfying lunch;
  • swim on the picturesque beach of Padang-Padang;
  • see the temple on the cliff of Uluwatu, a magnificent sunset, as well as a fiery dance show;
  • enjoy seafood at dinner at Jimbaran Bay Restaurant.

What does a tour of Uluwatu look like?

You can redraw this excursion day according to your desire. We are always very flexible and always focus on the needs of our guests. From the options for recreation and entertainment proposed above (and described in more detail below), you can create your own route. A Russian-speaking driver and part-time photographer will be happy to drive along it! That is, if you want to stay longer in one place, but skip another or replace it with some store, cafe, or other object on the current route – feel free to offer your option!

Water sports in Tanjung Benoa

If you have a special love for outdoor activities and even in the water, we will take you to a place where you will more than get all the fun from that area.

water sports in Bali


A small list of possible recreation options (not all, there are simple, non-extreme options!), see the table below:

Name Time Price, USD
Fly 7 minutes 30
Flyboard 25 minutes 90
Banana 15 minutes 25
Water scooter 15 minutes 35
Parachute 6 minutes 40
Snorkeling *see note 45

*Snorkeling is a rather lengthy activity that includes a boat ride and a tour of the turtle farm.

Friends, if you have any questions about water activities, write to us on whatsapp, we will certainly answer you and tell you the details!

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

Large and well-organized park with Hindu statues. Provides insight into culture and religion. Lots of observation points with great views. Fire shows, dances and concerts are held at specialized venues. Since the park is large, one might say huge, there are also many objects for photos, events held there and they are diverse. For example, some shows start at 18:00, while others are more interesting to watch during the day.

garuda vishnu kenchana park
Fountain at the entrance to Garuda Vishnu Park

There is also a nuance in the prices of entrance tickets: during the day, a ticket for one visitor will cost IDR 125,000, but in the evening, from 19:00, there is a discount of 50,000 rupees. And in the evening, many statues, fountains, because of the illumination, look very picturesque in the photographs. You may want to postpone this point of the excursion for the evening.

Therefore, we invite our guests to discuss these and other points of the tour with your Russian-speaking driver. Indeed, in addition to Garuda Vishnu Kenchan, you need to see many more interesting places!

The cost of the entrance ticket is 125,000 rupees per visitor. In the evening – IDR 50000 discount.

Lunch break

You can eat in Uluwatu in different places with different cuisines, it is best to discuss the proposed place of lunch with your Russian-speaking driver in advance.

Lunch at Uluwatu
Meals for lunch could be

For example, there are two very popular cafes that are distinguished by good food and service. The first one is Alchemy Bali Uluwatu, the second one is Usha cafe&Bakery.

launch - Alchemy Bali Uluwatu
Dish from Alchemy Bali

You can view and download the Usha cafe&Bakery menu at the link below. This cafe is distinguished by the fact that it offers visitors dishes of Russian cuisine. Including kvass, okroshka, pancakes, borscht, dumplings and so on.

Usha cafe menu file Menu Usha cafe&Bakery (2,53Mb, will open in a new window), bon appetit!

Padang Padang beach (Padang Padang cliff)

Not far from the cafes that we mentioned above, there is a picturesque small beach. It is rich in large stones, against which you can take beautiful photos. And also just swim and walk on the sand.

Entrance ticket – 20,000 rupees per person.

Uluwatu cliff temple

Statue at Pura Luhur Temple UluwatuThe magnificent temple complex Pura Luxur Uluwatu is located on the edge of a plateau in the southwestern part of Bukit. There is a concentration of Balinese style and gorgeous views of the coast from the cliff. There are many paths and places to create very beautiful photo compositions. The paths go both through the forest and along the cliff. The wooded part of the park is teeming with monkeys, which you have to be careful with, as they like to take glasses, phones and other small things from tourists. Then it is very difficult to get your property back, it is best to ask for help from local staff.

The park and the temple are a very popular place among the Balinese and Indonesians from other islands. A large number of them walk around the temple in large companies with children, take photos as a keepsake. In front of the entrance to the park area from the side of the parking lot, there is a large food court where you can have a bite to eat. Although we, according to our route, have already eaten :). In any case, we recommend dining elsewhere.
Balinese in the temple
In the evening, a fire dance show is held, so we have this object as the end of the entire tourist day. Not counting dinner, for which we will take you to Jimbaran beach. They cook a delicious seafood barbecue (see paragraph below in the text.

It is not allowed to enter the territory of the temple in short skirts and shorts, the knees must be covered. But don’t worry about it: the sarong will be provided to you as soon as you purchase your entry ticket.

Dinner at a cafe on Jimbaran Bay Beach

Beer on ice at Jimbaran Beach

We arrive at a place where there are two dozen cafe-restaurants specializing in the preparation of seafood. It can be barbecue in various variations, using hot, sour, sweet sauces and gravies. You can use the services of any restaurant or listen to our recommendations. The service in the cafe is at a high level, for example, beer is brought in a special bucket with ice, see the attached picture.

The most popular dishes here are grilled red or white sea bass, shrimp, squid and lobster. You can also order crabs.

The cost of participation in the tour

Tour starts at 8:00 in the morning. We will pick you up at your place of residence. Tours end at approximately 20:00 or by arrangement after dinner at Jimbaran Bay. The cost of participation is 700,000 rupees for two people. Each next participant – plus IDR 100,000. For details, contact our manager on WhatsApp.

The tour price includes:

  • English-peaking driver as your guide and photographer;
  • payment for petrol, mineral water and parking.

Not included in the tour price and paid separately: entrance tickets, food and drinks, personal expenses.

Beautiful views of Pura Luhur Temple Uluwatu

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